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Architecture & Planning

Architecture and Planning is the critical first step in any design process. It is the creation of a framework in which the whole project proceeds. We at Prospective Designs examine the design and style of the building and surrounding infrastructure. By creating an Architectural Master Plan, the entire project goes as planned which leads to an exciting development.

Concept Design

At the detailed design stage, our team prepares detailed plans for the space, showing the colour scheme, materials, lighting and soft furnishings. We provide clients with detailed drawings and scale models, if required. We also show clients the samples of the materials to be used. As a part of the process, we ensure that our plans conform to building regulations and federal, state, and local laws.

Working Drawings

We provide our clients with Working Drawings which contain drawings including all of the details and structural information of their Spaces. Our Working Drawings have Elevations, Floor Plans, Foundation Plan, Roof Framing Plan, Section Views, Electrical Plans, Construction and Architectural Details.

Site Supervision

We monitor the progress of construction sites and ensure compliance with construction safety regulations. We supervise construction workers and subcontractors, educate construction workers on site safety practices, and evaluate employee performance. Our director also supervises the construction sites whenever required.

Interior Designing

Specialized in Interior Design Concepts and Solutions for Spaces and Turnkey Projects, we have delivered so many projects throughout India. We accomplish Interior Design Concepts and Solutions mainly for Restaurants, Bakeries and Cafeteria. Moreover, we have forged Turnkey Solutions for Home Spaces, Office Spaces, Villas and Apartments. We expertise in providing a perfect blend of style, comfort and luxury to your Home, Office and other Business Spaces.

Bill of Quantities

We provide our clients with Bill of Quantities, also known as BOQs which involves a document formulated in the construction industry to specify materials, labours, and their cost. It serves as a communication tool between client, consultant & the contractor.

Project Management

Project management is an important part of our work. Here we select lighting, decorating, electrical, plumbing and building contractors to carry out work to their specification and supervise their work on site. We also purchase any materials and furnishings required for the project, ensuring that all the cost falls within the client’s budget.


Retail design is a creative and commercial discipline that combines several different areas of expertise together in the design and construction of retail space. Our team specialize in retail design which is a practice of Architecture and Interior Design. We also incorporate Industrial Design, 3D Planning and Graphic Design in Retail Design. We work on a contract or permanent basis for retailers and manufacturers of interior products, such as lighting, carpets, kitchens, curtains, and residential and office furniture. We provide advice to retailers and manufacturers on trends in interior design and they carry out essential design and project management services for our clients. We aim at targeting partnerships to build.


We at Prospective Designs aim at unifying, integrating and synchronising the efforts of our team members. We try our best to be in touch with our clients and coordinate with them. We believe in providing unity of action in the pursuit of our goals. It helps us binding all the functions of the management.

Material Selection

We propose material selections that fit within our clients’ budget and construction timeline. We try to provide Finish materials such as tiles, hardwood floors, marble, stone, woods and wallcoverings which are alluring with their endless array of styles and options. We give a perfect blend of styles and luxury to your Spaces.

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What Our Client Says


“Ms Priyanka from Prospective Designs has been a god sent when it comes to architectural designs for our restaurants in the 5 projects she has worked with us in the past 4 years. Her team has been very supportive and responsive towards the work the projects were all timely finished and delivered which in our line of business is a must. The architectural designs and interiors are timeless and can never go out of style or feel sore to the eyes. They have managed to use the space very carefully and creatively, her team of venders are genuine and have always provided us with fair pricing and good quality products. We look forward to working with her again in the future for our upcoming projects

Mr. Prashant Aggarwal

Golden Tulip Banquet, Hapur

“We are highly gladsome that Prospective Design has published their annual magazine. It has been a pleasure for Alma international to work with them. All the other Interior architects failed to do what perhaps Ms Priyanka and her dedicated cadre of professional team did for us. Our aesthetically appealing outlet makes us look no less than a fancy French boucherie. The design of our outlet rules over memory capes and heartbeats of all our customers and we are thankful to prospective designs for this blessing upon us. Working with them has proved to be a success and we look forward for more projects ahead in future.

Mr. Abdullah Qureshi

Alma International

An outstanding job, with all her perfection and determination for our hospitality industry, has been done by none other than Ms. Priyanka and her entire team... Maini's Green Leaf Restaurant's credit goes all to her for the excellent innovative interior given to a vegetarian chain of restaurants.... From the creative walls to the furnishings, she has done a great work.

Mr. Gaurav Maini

Maini’s Green Leaf

“Priyanka Chaudhary and her team of Prospective Design are great. They really took the time to understand my style and helped me express myself in my outlet. The team’s attention to detail was phenomenal. They did an amazing job. They blending my old outlet in new concept. Guest express their feeling with excitement when they enter our outlet and say awesome for our outlet concept in the city. Thanks to Miss Priyanka Chaudhary and their team of “Prospective Designs” for their excellent work.”

Mr. Mithlesh Kumar Sharma

Samrat Sweets

“Dear Prospective team it is really a pleasure working with you guys for last five years, highly professional and focused approach are the two things that I admire most of your team, as well as day by day, year by year you guys have raised the bar level of your work and it’s so satisfying to see each project a work of its own—-wishing you great luck and wishes for your future.”

Mr. Manish Ranjan

Sagar Ratna

“Their work is good and are fabulous in their job. They are highly supportive with a highly professional approach. I got the best design for my bakery and the entire credit goes to their Architects & the whole team.”

Mr. Happy

Evergreen Bakery, Mayur Vihar

“We are so grateful to have chosen Prospective Design for our recent Outlet Fuel ‘n’ Food. We had the pleasure of working closely with their team. They are professional, supportive, and understood every part of what we wanted to capture in great detail. They captured not only the design of the space that we wanted to create, but also how we wanted guests to feel –welcomed and cared for from the moment they walk into our door to the moment they leave.”

Mr. Saurav Gupta

Fuel & Food, Hindon Airport

“We are pleased with all the works they had done so far. They carefully planned and design our office in great Details by proposing suitable materials and drawings. I am glad and happy to work with Prospective Designs. They deliver their promises and never disappoint.”

Mr. Varun Aggarwal

Aggarwal Properties, Sweets

“We are pleased with all the works they had done so far. They carefully planned and design our office in great Details by proposing suitable materials and drawings. I am glad and happy to work with Prospective Designs. They deliver their promises and never disappoint.”

Mr. Varun Aggarwal

Aggarwal Properties, Sweets

“It’s been a truly delightful experience working with Prospective Design. Ms. Priyanka Chaudhary is a gem of a person, very creative, professional, hardworking and solution oriented. The team is well versed with the market trends and are constantly updating themselves about the latest trends and materials to keep their designs fresh. The entire team is very supportive and guided me with every aspect of the job be it creative work, civil, main boards et al. you name it and they will connect you to the right person for the job and this is the primary reason I found the experience truly great. Once I signed up with them the entire planning was taken care of by their team and I was only providing my requirements and the team was ready with a solution. I was also impressed with their approach to the unexpected issues which occur during the project and their ability to quickly adapt to any changes required even at an advanced stage of the project. I wish Priyanka and her team at Prospective Design all the best in their future endeavors.

Mr. Rajat Chaudhary

Chaudhary Sweets

Priyanka Chaudhary and her team PD were great. They really took the time to understand my style. The team's attention to detail was phenomenal. They did an amazing job blending my old and new furniture and decor. I'd definitely recommend them.

Mr. Dinesh

Hariram Sweets @ Sector – 6, Rohini, Delhi

“Hello mam, Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the work. Your good work deserves the heartiest appreciation. You have proved that lack of experience doesn’t really matter when there is a strong urge for excellence and perfection. Your dedication, enthusiasm, and insight are shown in your work. Keep on doing great works like this, and there’s no looking back for you! The way you have put up all your efforts on this work deserves every bit of appreciation. The way you gracefully pulled off the work – I am so proud of you. Your work speaks volumes of the kind of person you are – efficient, organized and result-oriented. Well done.”


Residence @ Tarun Enclave, Pitampura, Delhi